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Market Analysis

Vehicle Rates

*APR is annual percentage rate *All rates based upon credit rating

New & Used Vehicle Loans

Whether you are buying or refinancing a vehicle, Greater Cleveland has the loan rates, terms and vehicle protection products to make your new wheels affordable. Current year and 2 year old vehicles get our new vehicle loan rates, and vehicles up to 4 years old needing a loan amount of $45,000.00 and more get terms up to 84 months. In addition, you can roll the purchase of our Allstate Insurance Group Extended Vehicle Warranty and GAP Protection products into your loan.

New & Used Motorcycle Loans

If the open road is calling you, we have the motorcycle loans to get you there. We make purchase and refinance loans on cycles up to 10 years old and give new loan rates on bikes up to 2 years old. Get up to 84 month loan terms on motorcycles up to 4 years old (with a loan amount of $25,000.00 and greater), and you can roll-in our Motorcycle GAP Protection Product into your loan.

Non-Commercial Vehicle Loans < $50,000.00

We make business loans for non-commercial vehicles, 10 years old and newer, with loan amounts less than $50,000.00. We can help you purchase them or refinance them for a lower interest rate.


Fixed APR    


Personal & Business Loans

Up to $20,000

As low as 9.99%

Up to 36 months

Secured Share Loans

Borrow against your own money at a low interest rate 


Term varies

New Automobile Loans

Up to 100% financing 

Used Automobile Loans

As low as 3.99% 

As low as 4.99%

Up to 84 months

Up to 84 months

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