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Personal Loans

Our goal is to help members to secure credit at the lowest possible cost and most reasonable terms, including members with credit challenges. Our loans are designed to meet the needs of members and help make their financial goals a reality. The maximum unsecured loan amount is $10,000 and there is never a penalty to pay off a loan early.

Signature Loan/Signature Line of Credit (LOC) can be used for any purpose. The maximum unsecured loan amount is $10,000 based on our loan underwriting review.  The LOC loan works best for the member looking to manage when and how much of the approved loan funds they draw down at a time.

Share Secured Signature Loan/Shared Secured Signature LOC is especially suitable for members looking to borrow at one of our lowest rates available, establish a credit history and/or maintain and earn interest on their deposit account balances. Loan approval is made without loan underwriting or income verification. No credit report is required because monies sufficient to cover the loan amount are pledged to the loan, and held in a restricted savings account. The maximum loan amount is $20,000 with terms up to 5 years. The loan interest rate is 6.00%.

Holiday Loan borrow up to $2,500 for 12 months at rates based on your credit score rating. Holiday Loan applications are accepted from October 1st to December 24th.

Flex Pay Day Loan is a Line of Credit and may be helpful in addressing everyday financial emergencies. Members must enroll in a Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction program with the Credit Union, may qualify for up to $600. The loans have a 30-day repayment term, which is renewable at the discretion of the Credit Union. The rate is fixed at 17.99%.


Overdraft Line of Credit Loan is used to cover overdrafts in Credit Union accounts and must be repaid in no more than 60 days. The loan is designed to prevent account overdraft fees and returned checks. The total overdraft loan amount outstanding cannot exceed $300. To qualify for the loan, a member must enroll in Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction.

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