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Personal & Business Mastercard


Personal and Business Mastercards are offered with each card type having Standard and Elite levels. The cards can be share secured or unsecured. Members earn points and enjoy exclusive rewards and discounts on all card.


  • The maximum credit limit on all cards is $10,000 and have competitive low fixed interest rates, as compared to most other credit cards that have variable interest rates, and can approach or exceed 25%.

  • The Standard Mastercard is unsecured, has a $25 annual fee, and a low fixed interest rate of 17.99%.

  • The Elite Mastercard is unsecured, reserved for members with A+ credit, has no annual fee, and a low fixed interest rate of 7.99%.  

  • The Share Secured Mastercard has no annual fee and approval is made without credit underwriting or income verification, no credit report is required, and carry's a low fixed interest rate of 7.99%.

CardValet is a smart and easy way to safeguard and manage your debit and credit cards. The service is free and allows members to freeze and unfreeze their cards when believed lost or stolen. Click here to download the free CardValet app.

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