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Checking & Savings

Regular Savings
This account is how membership in the Credit Union is established and requires minimum $5.00 initial deposit. The account pays a monthly dividend on accounts with a balance of $5.00 or more, has no account fees, and provides the convenience of a Debit Card. As a member of GCCCU you have no cost access to over 5,500 Shared Branch locations across the United States including over 20 locations in Cuyahoga County. Shared Branches allow you to perform basic transaction like cash with
drawals, deposits and loan payment.


Basic Checking
There is no minimum balance and the account interest bearing provides you with online mobile banking, online bill payment and debit cards all with no service fee. 

2nd Savings Account
This account is provided as a convenience to helps you set-aside and keep your savings for different purposes separate. It pays monthly interest with no minimum balances of $0.01 or more, has no account fees, and is accessible through the Shared Branch networks and is accessible across Cuyahoga County.


Money Market Account
This hybrid account is both a savings and a checking account that pays monthly interest with a rate higher than our Savings and Club Accounts. Plus, you get the convenience of our Free OneClick online bill payment service, our No Fee MasterCard Debit Card, paper checks and access to over 20 Shared Branch locations across Cuyahoga County and 5,000 across the country. The minimum balance to open and earn interest is $1,500.00.


Club Accounts
Our Christmas and Vacation Club Accounts take the stress out of Christmas and put the fun in your vacation. Club Accounts require a regular savings account is open and pays monthly interest on balances of $5.00 or more. Access to your money is annually on November 1st for the Christmas Club and June 1st for the Vacation Club. Using Direct Deposit or automatic transfers into your Clu
b Accounts will make your money grow. There is an early withdrawal fee. 


Fresh Start Checking Account
If you are unable to open a checking account because you're on ChexSystems and meet each of the following requirements, you may qualify for an account: 

  1. You are a member in good standings (no losses to the credit union)

  2. You have direct deposit or payroll deduction

  3. You pledge $100.00 in savings for one year

  4. You agree to pay-off old checking account balances within one year

  5. You do not incur any Non-Sufficient Funds returned checks for one year

Over-Draft Protection
Our Basic Checking,
Fresh Start Checking, and Money Market Accounts each come with the over-draft protection at no fee. Essentially a line of credit, the product is designed to prevent account overdraft fees, and returned checks. The amount provided is based on the type of checking account and whether you have Direct Deposit or Payroll Deductions, and limited to up to $500.00 within any 30 day period. 

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