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Business Loans

The Greater Cleveland Community Credit Union work with our business members to understand their financial needs and offer a range of credit options for their benefit because we recognize businesses are the backbone of our communities.

Business Loan /Business Line of Credit (LOC) can be used for any purpose related to running the business including furniture, fixtures, equipment, supplies and working capital expenses The maximum unsecured loan amount is $10,000 based on our loan underwriting review.  The LOC loan works best for a business looking to manage when and how much of the approved loan funds they draw down at a time. The LOC is open until closed by the member and it costs nothing until the funds are drawn.

Business Share Secured LOC is especially suitable for businesses looking to borrow at one of our lowest rates available and/or establish a credit history while having access to the money they need to operate and grow.​ Loan approval is made without loan underwriting or earnings verification. No credit report is required because monies sufficient to cover the loan are pledged to the loan, and held in a restricted savings account. The maximum loan amount is $20,000 with terms of up to 5 years. The loan interest rate is 6.00%.

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