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Wealth Builder Program

Wealth Builder Program is a structured savings plan designed to put members on a wealth building path by paying themselves first. The program is loaded with benefits intended to allow members to save on interest and fees, borrow cheaper, and grow savings.

Program Benefits: 

  • Free wealth building consultation session 

  • 0.25% higher interest rate paid on Certificates of Deposit 

  • 0.25% discount on loan interest rates (credit cards not included) 

  • One loan processing fee waived per year, a $60 value 

  • One free loan Skip-A-Pay per year, a $30 value 

  • One-time $25 statement credit on newly opened credit card 

  • One credit card balance transfer fee waived per year, a $25 value 

  • No fee Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Savings Program 

  • Debit Card that earns 1 point for every $5 purchased on the card 


Program Requirements:

  • Direct Deposit of Payroll or Retirement Income

  • Checking Account with an ATM/Debit Card 

  • Deposit 2.0% or more of employment  or retirement income per pay into a restricted access savings account at the Credit Union

  • Enrolled to receive Monthly E-Statements on Accounts

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